💻For Windows or Mac

Open your Browser and Type ‘’ Minecraft download’’ in the search bar and press enter.

Click on Minecraft.net

Click on the ‘’Get Minecraft’’ button on the top right.

Click on ‘’Computer’’

You can play on Nftworld’s servers with both version, in this case click on ‘’Minecraft: Java Edition’’

You can either rent the game or buy it. We recommend to buy it, do that by clicking on ‘’Buy Minecraft’’

Sign in with your Microsoft Account or Sign up if u dont have one yet.

In case you are too young to purchase Minecraft Ask Your Parents for help.

If that isn’t the case you can now type fill your personal information in and buy the Game.

Wait for the ‘’MinecraftInstaller’’ to finish downloading. It will be visible on the bottom left corner.

Move The ‘’MinecraftInstaller onto your Desktop

Wait For the download to finish, Sign in and Play.

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