Cyber Rhino Squad


The Roadmap of SAFARI WRLD contains 5 milestones. Each of those milestones will bring unique benefits to the holders in our community.
0% - The Safari Base Camp is set up
We will be ready to mint and start our journey. Minters will receive a Rhino NFT for a preset (yet undefined) price in ETH.
20% - First major event in the Virtual Safari
SAFARI WRLD will host their first big event in the Virtual Safari. All holders will get free access to the event, with all benefits included. More details to come.
40% - Setting up the Community Wallet (DAO)
SAFARI WRLD has already set up the community wallet (DAO). For all holders there will be the chance to get free NFTs from this community wallet as well as free Ethereum tokens.
60% - 100’000$ donation to our NGOs
This will be the first big donation to our 3 NGOs to support the rhinos and fulfill our goal of doubling the northern white rhino species by the end of 2030.
80% - Free NFT drop
SAFARI WRLD will launch a new collection, free for holders. Details will be released soon.
100% - Acquiring staking NFTs for our Community
SAFARI WRLD will buy staking NFTs. As of now, we are planning to buy multiple NFTWorlds NFTs and stake them. The income from staking will be given back to the community and the NGOs.