🎮Why Minecraft?

Minecraft has over 125 million monthly active players and is the best-selling computer game of all time, with more than 235 million copies.

Minecraft is a game about mining and collecting raw materials, as well as making and constructing your own buildings. What makes Minecraft special is that the entire 3D landscape consists of cube-shaped blocks. The player is able to mine these blocks by hand and use them to create tools and many other useful things, from which he can then build almost any imaginable structure, block by block. Finally, the player is free to choose whether to explore the world and seek shelter from nocturnal monsters in shelters, or to proceed straight to building his own fortress, up to and including large farms and livestock farms.

For more information, why NFTWorlds uses Minecraft, see the following link: https://docs.nftworlds.com/nft-worlds-deep-dives/why-minecraft

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