Keep Nature Alive

Who is Keep Nature Alive?

Keep Nature Alive (KNA) is a consulting, communication, and crowdfunding platform. The mission of KNA is to support conservation, climate action and education. Keep Nature Alive combines digital communication and crowdfunding and in this way aims to establish lively and committed communities for projects at the interface of research and environmental protection. KNA works in close collaboration with internationally renowned partners in biodiversity research and conservation, such as the Conservation and Research Fund (CRF) The KNA platform will be accompanied by communication science. KNA is the founder of the Blockchain Conservation Consortium (BCC). The BCC will bring together blockchain initiatives dedicated to conservation. The aim is to bring sustainability to blockchain technologies and establish โ€œgreenโ€ standards.

Where is KNA active?

Keep Nature Alive (KNA) plays an active role in national and international conservation consulting, communication and fundraising. In the moment KNA concentrates in conservation projects in Europa, Africa, and Asia. KNA supports conservation projects in Germany, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

KNA supported Rhino Projects in cooperation with the Conservation and Research Fund e.V. (


The last two Northern White Rhinos left are both females - Najin & Fatu. To save these charismatic animals from extinction seems impossible under these circumstances. The international BioRescue Consortium ( aims to make the seemingly impossible a reality and is developing methods of assisted reproduction and stem cell research.

Sumatran Rhino

The population of the Sumatran Rhino is dropping severely. Less than 100 individuals are living in Indonesia and Malaysia. The goal of this project is to setup a breeding station in the Indonesian province Aceh.

Indian Rhino โ€“ Assam

The population of the Indian Rhino is not stable โ€“ there are less than 3,000 individuals left. The goal of the Indian Rhino Project in Assam is to Assess the population, habitat and provide education for local communities to jointly save this important umbrella species. This project is in cooperation with the Conservation and Research Fund e.V. and the Zoo Berlin.

Why has KNA partnered up with CRS?

Keep Nature Alive (KNA) and CRS are joining forces to fight the loss of biodiversity. With the help of communication, education and fundraising KNA and CRS are supporting conservation projects around the world. KNA and CRS are combining conservation in the real world with communities in the digital Metaverse โ€“ this is a new dimension of interaction and will bring conservation to the next level. Besides these hard facts โ€“ the chemistry and dynamics of both teams (KNA & CRS) are matching perfectly and will lead to a long partnership. And the winner is: conservation!

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