One of Two Founders of the SAFARI WRLD Project. Lucas has worked as an IT Consultant in Low Code / No Code for a Fortune 500 Global Consulting Company. In the past, he has worked over 5 years in IT Sales in the areas of Cloud, Software Development, and RPA. Lucas is one of the founding members of a prominent Swiss Start Up involved in Software Development based out of Zurich. Through Lucas’ continued efforts, the company Is still going strong in today’s market and expanding steadily!

Lucas' journey into Crypto and NFTs began in 2020 as a Crypto Investor. Realizing the opportunities and technological advances of the metaverse and NFT space, Lucas, along with Raul founded the SAFARI WRLD Project, a global initiative to bring animal conservation efforts to the forefront of technological development. Lucas has been a previous investor in NFT projects, as well as various Crypto coin markets.

Every Member of Staff is Asked “Why did you want to get involved with this project?” Lucas' response to this question was simple: To make a difference. Through past experiences, Lucas places heavy importance on bringing light to the dangerous extinction levels of various animal wildlife species across the globe. He actively works on bringing these issues to the mainstream media platform.

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