📈Benefits & Utilities

Gain monthly Income

Every month, our NFT holders generate income. SAFARI WRLD will purchase NFT Worlds to stake and earn passive income. The funds will go to non-profits and the SAFARI WRLD community.

Get Virtual Safari Benefits

Our NFT holders receive numerous benefits in our Virtual Safari. For the first release, the following features are planned:

  • Earn $WRLD tokens

  • Starterpack

  • Titles

  • Hall of Fame

  • Early bird access to Events

  • No waiting in Queue

  • Free Perks

Meet the NGOs in Africa

We've teamed up with three non-governmental organizations (NGOs), two of which are situated in South Africa and one in Kenya. Our NFT holders will have the chance to meet the NGOs. This means that SAFARI WRLD will cover the entire journey. The airfare, the nights in the loggia, the food and beverages, and, of course, the meet and greet with the NGO are all included.

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